Did you know..? | #fasterwebsite

Did you know..? | #fasterwebsite

Nowadays there a lot of tools to make your website load faster. Loading faster is an necessity and a great demand from users that interact with your website. So here’s a little tip about a simple way to make your website load a lot faster than before.

First, you will need just a little bit of experience in working with Adobe Photoshop. If you don’t have any experience in graphics, i recommend to contact your designer and he will explain to you how to do the below.

So apparently you need to run Adobe Photoshop and then open the image you want to upload to your website. Let’s say for example that you have an image that is 2000×2000 pixels and is 1.2 megabytes. After you open it then all you have to do is click the word “File”, from the top navigation. Following press the “Save for Web” option and a pop up window will appear. You will notice that in this window you see your image and in the right section is the details of this image. From the top-right section you can choose what format will your image have. I suggest “JPEG High” for simple images. (We will cover other formats in another post)

Making your website load faster is a demanding asset of SEO, so you can be competitive and rank higher in results of search engines.

After that choose your quality to “60” and then you will change your width and height of the image from the bottom section [Image Size]. Change from “2000×2000” to “1000×2000”. Be careful to let the link between your width and height “linked” to retain image original proportions. Otherwise if you toggle it your image will lose its proportions and won’t look like the original.

Finally, press save and name your image as you like. You will notice that the image has less size that the original and its optimized for web now.

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